Welcome to the OldFarts web site. The OldFarts is a group of riders from the ~1960's. John Gallagher had the bright idea of having a get-together ride/pot-luck in 1981. It's been going on ever since. (If we were the OldFarts then, what are we now?!?)

This web site contains snapshots from the OldFarts rides and assorted memorabilia from the 60's and 70's. Contributions/Kudos/Complaints are welcome: oldfarts@vancevaughan.org

The OldFarts rides

Assorted Contributions

Ed Bense Photos from 1966-1970

Other websites of interest to OldFarts:

Velo Vecchio

James Mason - Bicycle Racing
James Mason - 77 Road Nationals
James Mason - 1977 Track Nationals, Marymoor Velodrome, Redmond, Wa.
James Mason - Nevada City

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