16 March - 9 April, 2006

On the 16th of March I flew to Hawaii to get the castle in shape for visitors: Susan, Lani, John, Amy and Alex were due to arrive on the 19th.

Which they did. We spent the next few days in Honolulu and the went to Kauai on the 23rd. Spent a week in a condo in Poipu, snorkeling and kayaking. Then it was on to Kokee at the top of the mountain where the accomodations were a bit more primitive - they advertised the "wooden floors" in the place.

Lani, John, Amy, and Alex took off on Friday. Susan and I stayed and hiked the Alakai Swamp.

Then we flew back to Honolulu on Saturday the 1st where we met up with the second part of the trip. Sandra had arrived the day before and was staying in the castle, trying it out as a possible rental.

Susan left on Sunday and Sandra and I spent a week doing Honolulu stuff.

The "highlights" are a selection of the pictures from the trip. The "good, bad, and ugly" are everything we took.

Highlights - snorkeling

Highlights - Waimea Canyon etc.

Highlights - Alakai Swamp etc.

Highlights - Honolulu

The Good, the Bad, the Ugly