Gallapagos/Machu Picchu
16-30 October 2007

A family trip to the Galapagos and Machu Picchu. There were four parts to the trip: Galapagos, Sacred Valley, Trekking, and Machu Picchu, each of which has a page below. Highlights is a very condensed collection of sanpshots. The good, bad, ugly is all 1000+ shots for the true masochists.



Sacred Valley


Machu Picchu

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Amir's Snaps

All of Amir's Snaps

I only took some of these snaps. Susan, Sam, and Liz contributed also. If you're curious and can figure out how to tell which folder a given snap is in, here are the folders:
071030.1, 071030.2, and 071030.6 are mine.
071030.4, 071030.8, 071030.9 are Susan's
071030.5, 071030.7 are Sam's
071030.10, misc are Liz's.
071030.a, 071030.b, 071030.c are Amir's.