On Tuesday 20 July, a bunch of us took off to the Tevis Cup - a 100-mile horse race from Truckee to Auburn CA. We had a rider - Karen Stackpole - and a horse - Coppi - and N support people and three other horses. Peter Rich drove the truck/trailer with four horses. Vance drove the motor home with Karen. Elaine drove her car up with Heidi. Becky drove her car. We arrived ~7PM, set up camp in the fairgounds in Auburn, and ate dinner at a Mexican place.

Wednesday and Thursday were taken up with various tasks. Elaine and Becky went for a ride. Peter supervised. Elaine cooked blueberry pancakes. Paige played his dobro for his horse.

On Friday, we relocated to Robe Park near Truckee - the start point. Karen registered, there was a vet check, and various vendors. Karen went for a ride. And ate dinner with Mosfet, her wombat. I took a picture of an information meeting just for the record.

Abruptly, it's race day - Saturday. The start was at 5:30AM. Some of us watched the start, then we beetled back to Auburn where we left the horse trailer. Drove the motor home to Forrest Hill at the 68 mile point. Set up a pavillion. Drove to Dusty Corners which is 45 miles into the ride. We missed Karen who had already passed thru, sigh. But I took a couple snapshots. Drove back to Forrest Hill. Waited for Karen.

Riders started coming in. Some horses were pulled - I took a couple bad snapshots of two horses on IV's. Karen arrived at 6:32PM to take a mandatory 1 hour rest. People descended on the rider and horse. (Someone wisecracked that we had four people on each leg.) Karen showered and dined and was out at 7:32PM

Sunday, Karen finished at 12:56AM - in 10th place! (Out of about 170 riders.) Horse and rider were fine. (The horse got up before the rider...) Coppi was put thru his paces at the presentation and got a blue ribbon for his efforts.

Edited slideshow

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