On Monday, 23 August, Susan and I drove to Kirk Creek. Where we met Liz, Gary, Harlan, and Skyler. We set up camp and had dinner and a cheerful fire.

The next morning, raccoons had left their mark on Liz's car.

We spent time at the beach. (The north beach was closed, alas.)

We were always transferring the groceries from the table into Bertha when we left camp. There a shapshot of the groceries ready to go into Bertha.

The next next day (Wednesday), we walked down the trail to the beach, crossing the creek. (Kirk Creek?)

The beach features "supernova-fish rock". So named because I used to see a many-legged starfish there years ago.

We walked south along the beach. Past some rocks where we had to wade. We wound up at the creek mouth.

Back at the camp, we enjoyed the company of squirrels and rabbits. The folks (Liz, Gary, Schuyler, and Harlan) left that evening to avoid the heat the next day. I read in Bertha that night.

Thursday AM we visited supernova-fish rock again. We saw a star fish, but not a supernova fish.

On the way home, we visited Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. And we had lunch at Nepenthe. Then we drove home.

Just the highlights