On 1 October, Susan and I set out on an extensive vacation to the mysterious East. We got back on 26 October. We took over 2000 snapshots! For those who just want the Highlights. For those who want to see it all:

The Manhattan phase 1-4 October:
Dan gave us an amazing tour of the Metropolitan Museum. After which Laura and Susan got caught up.
We had a splendid dinner with Elena and Alan, whom I hadn't seen since 1982.
Peter and Mary Beth put us up in their swell Manhattan apartment.
Manhattan Pictures

On the 5th of October we took the train to Burlington. From 6 - 9 October, we stayed with Davis and Stephanie.
Burlington Pictures

Our planned tour of the leaves and Acadia national park was not to be. Susan's Aunt Emily died in Nashville. So, on 10 October we flew to Nashville for the funeral. Where we stayed with Susan's brother and sister-in law, Ron and Janis.
Nashvile Pictures

On 12 October we took off driving intending to go to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the Blue Ridge Parkway. Which we did.
Smoky Mountain Pictures
Cherokee Pictures
Blue Ridge Pictures

We had intended to drive to Solomons Island MD to visit my high-school friend Eric, whom I hadn't seen since 1964. But we got sidetracked to Brevard NC by an invitation from Susan's relatives Janie and Bobby. We spent a day eating and walking and eating and eating with Janie and Bobby.
Brevard Pictures

We got further side-tracked by Janie and Bobby offering us a stay in a swell place in Charleston SC. So we spent 16 - 18 October in Charleston.
Susan got in a swim with the dolphins!
Charleston Pictures

On 19 October, we finally made it to Eric and Susan's house in Solomans Island MD. We stayed with them for three days.
Solomans Island Pictures

On 22 October, we left Soloman's Island for a two-day drive back to Nashville where we stayed again with Ron and Janis.
Nashville Pictures

On 26 October, we flew back to Berkeley. Whew!

Thanks to all who put us up!