On September 15th, I met up with Bruce and Dave at Crane Flat. The next day we hiked into Tenaya Canyon. I was trashed. The butler (Dave) arranged for the footman (Bruce) to carry my pack about the last 1/2 mile.

On the 17th, we took a day hike down to a little pond just short of the cascade. On the way back, we passed a couple. She was on a crutch/stick, having twisted her ankle. They were traveling light. (The main thing they were carrying was a rope.) We wished them well and proceeded back to camp. A little later that day, Tim and Janet made it to our campsite and decided that she wasn't going to make it out that day. We adopted Janet while Tim hiked out and back in with his backpack, tent, sleeping bags etc. It solved a nagging problem - Dave was cooking chili for dinner but it was going to be way too much for the three of us - five was much better.

On the 18th, Bruce, Dave and I hiked out, leaving Janet and Tim to spend another day or so to allow Janet's ankle to improve. Hope they made it out*!

An edited collection of VV snaps.

Janet contributed some cute snaps.

Nerdpack,the history.

For the masochists: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

* They did.