Susan and I went to San Diego for 23-28 February 2012.

Feb 23 - We arrived, walked the beach.

Feb 24 - We took a walk and admired the seals and pelicans. Then we took part in a TGIF celebration at Scripps in a building which occupied the site of Susan's old office. Had dinner with Al, Nancy, and Bob but no pictures?!?

Feb 25 - We visited Hunt and Judy at their nice place in Encinitas. Only one snap which Hunt and Judy took on their Mac. Driving back to San Diego, we stopped at the glider port and took lots of pictures. That evening, we had dinner with Carol and Bob. With umbella drinks! The snaps of Carol and Bob didn't turn out, snif.

Feb 26 - We visited Judith, Ellen, and Kathy with Nona but took no pictures.

Feb 27 - We did Safari Park with Pete Penseyres. It rained like stink and the cheetas didn't run. I threw in a picture with Susan's step-mom Nona, who hosted us on this trip.

Feb 28 - We flew home, no notable pictures.

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