The trip was GREAT! I had trouble selecting the Highlights, but here is a selection of pictures.

We drove down Friday 3 May with David and Janet. Visited Mission San Miguel. Ate at Thomas Hill Organics Market Bistro. Visited a botanical garden at Cal Poly: Leaning Pine Arboretum.

On Saturday, we visited Lotusland, an extraordinary garden that Ganna Walska (a happening lady!) left behind in Santa Barbara. Messed around in Santa Barbara. Spent the night on the Vision.

Departed at 4AM Sunday for San Miguel Island. Which was windswept and it rained off and on, but we did a hike of about 6 miles to a Caliche forest. Splendid flora. And 40,000 pinipeds. The weather cleared up and the rest of the trip was sunny.

On Monday we visited Santa Rosa Island where we hiked up Lobo Canyon. Then the Vision went to Santa Cruz Island where Vision went into a huge sea cave: Painted Cave Later in the day, Ranger Dave caught some sea life. And we visited sea caves in kayaks: Sea Life, Sea Caves
Monday evening we lounged about and admired the squid attracted by a light.

Tuesday Susan went kayaking and we hiked on Santa Cruz Island.
We left around 2PM for Santa Barbara. Goodbye friends. Visited the Mission Santa Barbara, spent the night in Solvang.

Drove back to Berkeley on Wednesday, visiting two missions on the way. Had a great lunch at Creekside Brewing too...

For the truly masochistic:
All of Susan's Snaps
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