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Another great trip! Again I had trouble selecting the Highlights, but here is a selection of pictures. Alternative highlights.

Susan and I took off Thursday 25 July. We drove to Lassen where we spent the night. The next morning we hiked Bumpass Hell on the way out to Lava Beds via Susanville where we ate dinner. Alternative Lassen

On Saturday 27 August we hiked a couple lava tubes. Then we got a dose of ugly reality: a four hour tour/lecture on the Japanese internment camp in Tule Like. Snaps Alternative snaps.

The night of the 27th we spent with Bud and Jackie in Eugene. On the 28th, we proceeded to Portland where we linked up with Davis and Stephanie. We spent a delightful day or two exploring Portland and then more delightful days at Manzanita Beach. Alternative Portland.

On Wednesday 31 July we said "goodbye" to Davis and Steph. Drove into Beaverton where Susan's friend Edie lives with her family. Susan and Edie enjoyed a visit and I enjoyed dinner with Edie and her family, but I took no pictures.

1 August saw us exploring the Columbia River Gorge. We camped in the forrest service Eagle Creek campground which was amusing - it was about 200' above a freeway and railroad tracks. We had only been there a few minutes when the campground host came and apologized for the noise. Ate at Walking Man Brewery in Stevenson WA which was swell. Had one of the best beers ever - hop venom. Hiked the Multnomah Falls trail. Had dinner at Full Sail which is now too big to be a micro-brewery. Alternative Columbia River Gorge.

On 4 August we went to Lava Fields (which was worth another look) and Crater Lake where we swam on 5 August. Alternative Crater Lake.

6 August found us in Whiskey Town! And on 7 August we drove home... Alternative Whiskey Town!


For the truly masochistic:
Susan snaps
vv snaps