White Mountains Trip, 30 June - 9 July 2014

PRELIMINARY (waiting for Susan's contribution)

On 30 June, Susan and I drove to Convict Lake where we were joined by David and Janet for a trip to the White Mountains in California sponsored by the CIR (Channel Islands Restoration) folks.

We spent Tuesday-Friday at Convict Lake CA "acclimatizing". Took a hike around Convict Lake. And a more serious Hike around Devil's Postpile.

On Friday 4 July we joined the CIR trip. Visited Devils' Gate. Checked in at Crooked Creek Field Station in the White Mountains CA where we were based until Monday 7 July. (Great food!)

Saturday 5 July: We visited the bristlecone pines at Shulman Grove.
On the way back to Crooked Creek we stopped to admire cactus (and other) plants.

Sunday 6 July:We visited more bristlecone pines at Patriarch Grove.
And we visited the Barcroft Facility, where I climbed Barcroft Peak.

Monday 7 July: We stopped at the Narrows on hwy 168 to admire the geology.
Said "goodbye" CIR!

David, Janet, Susan and I had dinner at Amigos in Bishop, a swell Mexican restaurant.
Said "goodbye" to David and Janet.
On to Benton Hot Springs - a delightful place!

Tuesday 8 July: Left Benton.
Ran into David and Janet at some random roadside stop on hwy 120!
On to Tuolomne Meadows in Yosemite CA.
Hiked on the Cathedral Lakes trail.
Dinner at the Tuolomne Lodge.

Wednesday 9 July: Hiked to the Mariposa Grove (giant seqouias).
Ate at Iron Door in Oakville.


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