On 21 January 2015 I visited Peter Rich in the Kaiser rehab center in San Leandro. For those of you who don't know, Peter had a stroke. I found out about it when his daughter Julie called on 11 January. I visited Peter in Kaiser Oakland on 12 January. I reported "He's doing OK. His left side is somewhat paralyzed. (His left leg collapsing was one of the symptoms that got him to the hospital.) His speech is pretty good considering the left side of his mouth isn't working. He reported that it was a clot as opposed to a bleed. He doesn't seem to be losing words and his sense of humor is intact."

I visited Peter in San Leandro on the 21st. It was noon and lunch was served. Peter fed himself. After lunch, two physical therapists came and wrassled him into a wheelchair. I left as he was weeled into the gym.

His spirits were good, he made little jokes. He is getting some muscle action in his left arm and leg - the therapists get him to push and he does a little.

I shot a little video of the therapists assisting him into the wheelchair. Peter said I could post it as long as he gets paid, so the royalties all go to Peter.