Hawaii Vacation April/May 2015

Susan and I flew to Hawaii (opposite to Iceland!) on 30 April 2015. Checked in to Lumi Nalu - a swell condo on the Gold Cost just east of Waikiki.

Selected Snapshots

Hiroko is my step-mom.

Koolau/Kuliouou snaps were taken on our 5-hour hike up Kuliouou. Wayne and Wenjing are friends. Panorama

I've consumed many a bottle of sake with Bob seen in the snapshot with his wife Gladys.
Shangri La is the estate of Doris Duke in Honolulu.

Then it was off to Maui. Susan toook a picture of Lana'i as we passed over.

Haleakala is a main attraction on Maui. Hosmer Grove is in Haleakala Park.
It's impossible not to take too many pictures in Haleakala!

Then it was on to Lanai. (An island owned by Larry Ellison.) The ferry ride was visited by a school of spinner dolphins!

We rented a jeep and drove the 4-wheel drive to the Garden of the Gods and Polihua Beach. Hiked the Kalaiki trail which ended in a spectacular view. Had dinner at the fancy Four Seasons Resort at Manele Bay. (The Resort was pretty much empty)

On our last day in Lanai (May 13), we hiked the fisherman's trail where we were treated to a blowhole.

Caught the ferry back to Lahaina Maui where we stayed in the Historic Pioneer Inn. Finally there's a magnificent banyan tree in Lahaina where we spent our last night in Hawaii - the picture doesn't do it justice...

For the masochistic:
All Wayne's snaps
All of Vance's snaps
And from Susan (she assured me that they were winnowed):
fly SFO to Honolulu 30 April
Diamond Head Beach May 2
Waynes view May 2
Kuliouou hike May 3
Hanauma Bay May 4
Honolulu May 5
Gold Coast seawall walk May 5
snorkeling at San Souci beach May 5
Shangri La May 6
to Maui from Oahu May 7
snorkeling at Charley Young May 8
Wailea-Makena South of Kihei May 8
Haleakalā National Park May 9
Sunset on Haleakalā May 9
to Lana'i May 11
Kanepuu Preserve May 12
Garden of the Gods - Polihua May 12
Koloiki Trail Inland Lana'i May 12
dinner Manele Bay May 12
Fisherman's trail hike May 13
Lanai back to Lahaina May 13
Waikiki Apr 30 - May 4
Hawaiian Birds 2015
return home from Maui May 14