NerdPack Lite September 2015

On Friday September 18 Susan and I drove to Edison Lake in the Sierras. It took us 8 hours! Due mainly to the last 20 or so miles which took us 2+ hours. It was one lane, winding, up and down. In short, an adventure.

We arrived after dark, ate dinner (which was very good) at the "resort", and crashed in the Vermillion campground.

On Saturday, Bruce, Dave, Susan, and I set out to hike to the Devils' Bathtub. We didn't make it all the way, but it was a nice hike. It featured a stream crossing.

Dave cooked chili for us for dinner - yum!

Sunday AM Bruce cooked breakfast for us. We said "goodbye" to Dave who had to return. And then Bruce, Susan, and I started to hike to Mono Meadows. We didn't make it all the way again but I took a few pictures.

Oh yes - the lake. I had carefully picked out a lakside campsite but the lake was very low. You couldn't see it from the campsite! We walked across the "lake" to the resort to eat.

On Monday we left Lake Edison. Took pictures on the way out where you could see some water in the lake.

We stopped at Mono Hot Springs on the way out, but I don't have any pictures. Then we drove across the valley to Mercey Hot Springs, which was very nice. Spent the night there and drove home on Tuesday.

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