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Death Valley, Mercey Hot Springs, March 14-19 2016

On Monday, 14 March, Sam and I set out for Death Valley. Shortly after dark we camped for the night in Wildrose Campground which was sweet.

On Tuesday, 15 March, we did a killer hike up Wildrose Peak: 4.2 miles (one-way), 9,064'. After which, we were both trashed. We drove to Furnace Creek and camped at Sunset Campground which was awful! A parking lot full of RV's, no showers.

On Wednesday, 16 March, we did the obligatory driving tour of the valley. Up and off to Badwater, the lowest place in the western hemisphere at 282 feet below sea level. We cooked breakfast in the parking strip there - delicious!

We continued south to the Ashford Mill Ruins.

Drove north to the Artists Drive.

And continued on to the Mesquite Campground where we grilled steak for dinner.

On Thursday, 17 March, we climbed Mt. Sam - a nondescript hillock west of the campground. Later that day, we visited Ubehebe Crater, a spectacular volcanic site. Grilled hotdogs for dinner.

On Friday, 18 March, we set off for Mercey Hot Springs where we were rendezvous'ing with Susan. We were late (got lost!), she was later arriving ~9PM. But Sam and I treated ourselves to a hot tub...

On Saturday, 19 March, early in the AM, Sam split for home in Susan's car. Susan and I walked around Mercey Hot Springs, which was pleasant. Soaked in the hot tubs, which was more pleasant. And then drove out highway J1 towards Hollister, which was also pleasant. Ate at Grillin & Chillin in Hollister which was fabulous - excellent beer and food! By all means try it if you're in Hollister. Ended with an unhappy traffic jam in SF on the way home, otherwise a perfect day...


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