The Story of Vance Ned Vaughan

This is an ego-centric display of snaps and other stuff from my life. It is broken up into several pieces:

Highlights is just that.
The stuff is a more or less complete version of personal snapshots.
Resumes is a collection of resumes.
DB&FP - some ancient checks, the day I bought Hopkins.
GV and Mom's writings is some stuff I scanned in that Grandmother Vaughan and my Mother wrote.
Vance Vaughan Sr. is the bit I put together after Vance Sr. died to remember him by.
The castle documents the castle which Vance Sr built.
At Helen and Virginia's is some snapshots taken on a trip to Lewisville in 2004(?).

The early highlights

Highlights 1985-2004

Highlights 2004-2007

Highlights - 2007-2010

Highlights - 2010-2011

Highlights - 2012

Highlights - 2013

The stuff



GV's and Mom's Writings

Vance Vaughan Sr.

The Castle

At Helen and Virginia's