Vance's vacation in France and Germany, 4 Sept - 4 Oct 2001
(and Roger's and Susan's and Elaine's and Fred's and ...)

Pont du Gard

In Paris

Roger in front of Notre Dame.

Vance in front of Notre Dame.

Roger at the Orly museum.

Gite #1 - la tube

La tube.

Lunch at la tube.

Roman ruins near Arles

The coliseum at Arles.

The troops at Pont du Gard.

Pont du Gard.

The etherial light...

The best bikeride of my life

At the Col de Limouches.

Way to go Susan.

At our lunch stop.

The sock shot.

Beautiful roads.

Where we were riding.

The trip to the Bordeaux area

Susan swimming in the Mediterranean.

Nukes on the horizon.

Nukes to port.

Gite #2 - St Genes

The gite.

Our hosts at St. Genes - Madame and Monsieur Furlan, and Louie (and Vance and Roger).

Monsieur Furlan explains something while the cow tries to rejoin her calf.

The goats at St Genes.

Susan visits the goats.

Roger at gite #2.

Vance in the castle.

The castle at Beynac

Looking down from the castle.

Susan at the castle.

A view from the castle.

The five travelers

The gang enjoying oysters at St Emillion - Vance, Susan, Elaine, Roger, and Fred


Vance and Roger at Monbazillac.

Roger makes a new friend at Monbazillac.

Susan and Vance at Monbazillac chateau.

Wine making

Roger in front of the high-tech control panel (which wasn't working).

Missy explains wine making.

The mysteries of wine - candeling.

The mysteries of wine - the guard rose.

Some wineries are more - homey - than others

In a funky cave.

In the Loire valley

Chateau Royal D'Amboise.

Roger in front of the Chateau.

Vance in front of the Chateau.

Chateau Chenonceau.

The cathedral at Chartres.

A stained glass window.

Roger behind the cathedral.

Back in Paris

Roger at the gates of Hell.

In Bad Kreuzenach


In Berlin

Carole and Vance in front of the Brandenberg gate - which has been rented out!.

Carole and Vance at the Schloss Sanssouci.

A windmill near Schloss Sanssouci.

People on the trip

Roger's web site.

Back home

Back home - a memorial at the corner near my house.

Another view.