OATBRAN - One Awesome Tour - Bicycle Ride Across Nevada

I rode my bike across Nevada on 10-16 October. It was the OATBRAN tour, about 75 people rode, including 8 young fellows from ROP (Rites of Passage), a home for troubled youth. They were all about 16 years old and did the 113 mile day - no sweat!

Day 1 - Lake Tahoe to Fallon - 91 miles

Departure from stateline in Nevada - me and Mike
Vance at Spooner Summit - 7140? feet
Vance at Mound House (self-portrait)
Mike lounging in Fallon
Our fearless leader - Curtis Fong and his sidekick Andy

Day 2 - Fallon to Austin - 113 miles (whew!)

Vance at the sand dune
Some ROP folks at a rest stop
Vance at one of many turns to Ione (self-portrait)
Vance at Carroll Summit - 7450 feet
Vance and ROP folks with their backs turned (self-portrait)
Vance going into Austin (self-portrait)

Day 3 - Austin to Eureka - 70 miles

Vance at Austin Summit - 7484 feet (self-portrait)
Vance at Bob Scott Summit - 7267 feet (self-portrait)
Vance at Hickison Summit - 6546 feet
Chris (ROP) in Eureka
Sunset in Eureka

Day 4 - Eureka to Ely - 78 miles

Vance and "lonliest road" sign
Vance at Pinto Summit - 7376 feet
Vance at Pancake Summit - 6517 feet (self-portrait)
Vance at Little Antelope Summit - 7438 feet (self-portrait)
Vance at Robinson Pass - 7607 feet (self-portrait)
Kawika (ROP) in Ely
Andrew (ROP) in Ely

Day 5 - Ely to Utah border (Baker) - 75 miles

Rider approaching Connor's Pass
Vance at Connor's Pass - 7723 feet (self-portrait)
Roadside weeds - they were quite colorful!
Roadside weeds
Vance at Sacramento Pass - 7154 feet (self-portrait)
Cathy at lunch (not a very good picture, sorry Cathy)
The last lunch stop
With the ROP foks at the Utah border
At the Utah border
Greg, the ROP coach
Poplars in the campground at Baker
Mike in Baker, about to tackle Wheeler Peak
(There was an optional ride up Wheeler Peak after we got into Baker. It was an extra 34 miles and climbed to 10,000 feet. I passed - I had done it before...)
Greg about to tackle Wheeler Peak
The three-legged tandem (and Andy)
You can't see it in this picture, but the guy standing facing left has only one leg. He rode a tandem with his wife.

Day 6 - the long drive back

ROP loading up
The mandatory group shot, Wheeler Peak in the background
Andy back at Lake Tahoe with his truck
Jim (a rider)
Chris (a rider)
Tina (one of the support staff)

Back home, using up the film

Vance and Tiny Tim (my xmas tree, in the pot to my left)
The new bathroom
The new toilet