Vance's trip to Thailand
22 January - 20 February 2003

Just the highlights please

The trip was organized by Kasma who teaches Thai cooking in Oakland. I recommend these tours most highly!

Another website was provided by one of the participants:

And a couple other sites with pictures from the trip: Nigel and Lynn's and Brett and Theresa's

The remainder of this is the good, the bad, and the ugly. I may have eliminated half the pictures I took but I should (possibly) have been more selective.

I am indebted to May, Nigel, Brett, Joe and Bill for some of the snapshots. And I regret that I didn't take more pictures of the people on the trip...

Bangkok - 24-25 January

En route to Ranong - 26 January

Squidville - 26 January

On route to Koh Surin - 27 January

Koh Surin - 27-30 January

The Lake, Bats - 31 January

Monkey Training; Nakhon Si Thammarat - 1-2 February

Sun's Place - 2 February

Songkla - 3-5 February

Songkla - 6 February

Songkla-Satun 7 February

Tarutao 8-10 February

Trang and Krabi - 11-14 February

Island Home (Poda) - 15-17 February

Krabi - Bangkok - Home - 18-20 February

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