Vance's trip to Jacqui's birthday, August 2001

Friday, 3 August

I made it to Sand Mountain.

Saturday, 4 August

Ichthyosaurs in the ground.

Sunday, 5 August

The Mountain Meadows Massacre #1 and #2.

Monday, 6 August

Vance at Angels Landing, Zion National Park.

The view from Angels Landing.

The trail to Angels Landing.

Wednesday, 8 August

Bryce Canyon.

The muddy river in Capitol Reef

The campground - lawns?!?.

Thursday, 9 August

A rock formation.

Prehistoric art.

A natural bridge.

Saturday, 11 August

A parade came right by Kerrie's house.

The birthday girl.

The family bear

Old Ephriam's skull

The intrepid hikers.

David holds up a tree.

The memorial to Old Ephriam.

Success! And again.

Kerrie on the way back - lookin' good.

The successful party. Lookin' good.