XMAS 2010

Vance's 2010

Life in Berkeley continues at a languid pace. Susan, Amir, Sam, Liz, Gary, Harlan, and Melody are more or less the same as last year. Except - Liz and Gary got married in March! I couldn't be happier. Also in March, I decommissioned Newt, my venerable PC. I switched to a Macinstosh mini, which I'm very happy with. In November, I was notified by the Secretary of State that HCC (Hawaii Castle Corp) is officially no more, dissolved, finito. The end of the great Hawaiian legal adventure, which began in 2003. I'm oddly nostalgic.

In September, I attended the 30th annual OldFarts ride. And I did NerdPack, another 30+ year event. Beer Practice continues - it's been going about 30 years now. And poker every Wednesday for almost 40 years. Youza! I guess I'm a creature of habit...

There were several trips/adventures during 2010. On March 21, Susan and I set off in Bertha for Pinnacles National Monument. We hiked and observed condors. The picture was taken in the "cave".

On 20 July, I joined Elaine, Peter, Karen, and others at the Tevis Cup - a 100 mile horse race from Truckee to Auburn CA. Karen did very well, finishing 10th out of ~170 riders. The picture is of Karen getting ready to take off from the ~60 mile point.

On 23 August, Susan and I set off in Bertha to join Liz, Gary, Harlan and his friend Skyler at Kirk Creek, a campground on the coast south of Big Sur. We spent several days there enjoying the rocky beach.

Susan and I spent essentially the whole month of October doing the "Great Eastern Journey". We flew into Manhattan, then went to Burlington, Nashville, Smoky Mountain, Blue Ridge Parkway, Brevard, Charleston, Solomans Island, Nashville (again), and flew home from Nashville. It was a great time visiting friends and tree peeping.

Additional pictures are available on my website: http://www.vancevaughan.org/

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